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You are an artist, a writer or a comic book enthusiast? Are you an independent publisher? Join our community on social media and Discord.  

We will help you to publish your own story by using the Madefire Motion Book Tool. Join our community on social media and Discord. We will support you through the whole creation process. You want to make your Motion Book public and perhaps make some money out of it? Submit your script, art or complete book with our submission form and contact us.

Submission Form

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You want to submit your own Motion Book Script?
Please do not submit any work that utilizes already-existing characters. We will only accept original creator-owned material. Every script or Motion Book you submit has to be your own intellectual property. We won't accept single paged artworks, only complete scripts or motion books.

You have already built a complete Motion Book and want to submit it?
Make sure you add a preview of the book. Just copy the Current Web URL from the Madefefire Motion Book Tool and paste it into the submission form. You can find it on your Project Setting Page in the Tool.

If you submit any Script, Art or finished Motion Book you declare that:

The work is original.I retain all rights/permissions necessary to publish any and all intellectual properties, materials, audio, visualor otherwise.

Permission has been obtained for the use of material on which there is copyright, and original authors andsources have been acknowledged for non-copyrighted material used inmanuscript.Funding and/or other required acknowledgements have been indicated in my/our biographical details above.All sources consulted have been duly acknowledged

All the above information is correctI understand that The Cauldron and its affiliates accept no responsibility in the event that any of the above isuntrue.

Any information including the submitted images may be used by The Cauldron for promotional purposes.

I have submitted my Motion Book, what now?
If you have submitted your Motion Book correctly, we will have to check it first and decide wether we will publish it or not. This can take up about 2 weeks. We will contact you via mail to discuss more details.

Feel free to join our community discord in the meantime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You want to get started and create your own Motion Books but you don't know how? The following tabs will answer at least some of your questions. Just select one of the topics to start.

If you need an answer to a specific Motion Book Build or any other topics that are not listed down below feel free to join our Community Discord Server.

1) What are Motion Books?
Motion Books are digital Comics that use sound and animation to create a unique reading experience.

2) Which devices are supported?
Motion Books can be read on smartphones, tablets, web browsers, smart TVs, Oculus Go, Oculus Gear VR, Oculus Quest and the Magic Leap One.

3) How do I create Motion Books?
You can create Motion Books with the Madefire Motion Book Tool, a browser based tool in which you upload your files, create pages and projects, arrange your artwork, add some sound effects and start building your whole book.You can start creating by visiting (2D-Tool) or (VR/XR-Tool).

4) Is the Madefire Motion Book Tool free?
YES it is FREE – no catch, no contracts. After you have created your Madefire user account or have a DeviantArtä user profile, you can start creating on the Motion Book Tool without paying a single dime. Cloud storage for data, in-browser software, available FREE.

5) Are there any tutorials for the Motion Book Tool?
YES, both printed and in video format. For example, just check Madefire's website and Youtube Channel for a comprehensive User’s Manual as well as a Jump Start Guide (with downloadable images and sounds) which can help you. Ask us for advice too!

6) I need help on a specific topic. Can you help me?
The Motion Book Tool is growing and it can be frustrating to search for a specific problem. Just hop on our Community Forum on the Discord website or app ( and we will help you solve the problem. That’s what The Cauldron staff and its community is here for.

1) What is The Cauldron?
We are a collection of independent artists, authors, and creators, who love to create stories. Our community is trying to push the Motion Book forward as a technology and encourage innovation on the platform. We are Creatives and Culture Workers to our bones. CREATORS FIRST is our motto.

2) Are Madefire and The Cauldron affiliated?
The Cauldron has been supported by Madefire since we were founded in 2019. We function as an independent publisher as well as a “first face” assistance hub to facilitate creators who build and distribute their story to the public via the Madefire Reader

3) Why does The Cauldron exist?
Every indie creator knows how complex it can seem to expand their audience base, to create your own books (in any format), and how difficult self-publishing can be.The Cauldron was founded to aggregate a thriving community of creative people and to help them navigate independent publishing using the most advanced form of software for Visual Narratives existing on the market today. Many creators have the same struggles and we believe creative people can become stronger when they come together.

4) Do I have to pay The Cauldron?
We are a FREE community and we won't charge you for being a part of it. If you wish to sell your Motion Book through our own App we will take a small percentage of sales, but only then. Otherwise, after evaluation through our Submission processes, we publish Free books for FREE.

1) Is The Cauldron a Publisher?
Not at this time. We are a community of independent creators trying to become a publisher in future. There is a lot of work to do but with community support we plan on becoming our own publishing entity.

2) How do I publish my Motion Book?
There are actually three ways to publish your own Motion Book.

2a) After you have finished building your Motion Book and uploaded it through the Motion Book Tool, you will receive a unique link to your published book. This will only work in-browser (via desktop computers) and you will not be able to charge for your book through a typical “paywall” feature.

Another way to publish your book is via a DeviantArt user profile ( While uploading your book you can choose to direct the upload into your Deviant Art It will also be readable in-browser only.

2c) The most efficient way is to publish your Motion Book through Madefire or The Cauldron. We will have to evaluate your book first. If it's a quality build, we can publish it on both Apps. In this way, you will be able to read your book on all supported devices with the best optimization possible.

3) Can I charge for my Motion Books?
You may charge for your Motion Books if you have a contract with Madefire, if you publish your book through The Cauldron, or have established a contract with us through another publisher. We will evaluate “paywall” services as requested.

4) My artwork has been rejected. Why?
We are curating our own App to assure quality content as well as maintain the profile of current users. We are unable to accept every single Motion Book, script, artwork, nor asset for elevation to the App at this time. We will only accept original creator-owned intellectual property as established by Submission Guidlines and reserve the right to refuse service. We only accept complete projects or Motion Books.

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