The Corona Virus Explained

It is a rough time especially for our little ones. We have created a free Motion Book to explain this situation to our children. Click the button below to read it
Right now the whole world faces a crisis. People lose their jobs, stay in quarantine, kids can't go to school or even play outside with their friends.


Download the Madefire Motion Book App and read the animated comic on your mobile device for free. There are different languages available on the App as well.

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YouR language is not listed?

We are working on multiple translations right now to make sure that as many people as possible can read our book.

We rely on volunteers to translate this comic. If you, your colleague or your friend can help us to do so please contact us.

Contact for Translators:
D. Tomaselli /
B. Höllen /


Thanks to all the creators, artists and translators that helped us to create this project.



Story: Bernd Höllen
Bernd Höllen
Build: Damien Tomaselli
Sound: Krukof2

Special Thanks to:
Prof. Keyan Tomaselli
Prof. Ruth Teer-Tomaselli
Prof. Eliza Govender
Prof. Lauren Dyll

English: Bernd Höllen
German: Bernd Höllen
French: Krukof2
Russian: Boris Gorelik
Dutch: Harry Wels
Swedish: Eva Åsén Ekstrand
Spanish: Liana Hassim
Armenian: Ani Nazaryan
Polish: Agnieszka Makiewicz
Portuguese: Clara Meleiro

Portuguese (Brazilian): Gabriela Boock
Czech: Jana Zenzen
Mandarin: Siying Duan
Italian: Dario Dellino
Ukrainian: Anna Zircka

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