A Melting pot

of creativity

The heart and soul of our community are the creators across the globe. America, Europe, Sourth Africa and Asia. Our lineup couldn't be more diverse. So let's have a look at the faces behind our great stories.

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Bernd Höllen

Intermedia Designer

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Motion books

Umbra, Ozymandias, Moon Golf, Blinded by the Light, Blinded by the Light 2, Quado, Monster Suit (Build), The Tribute, Dark Cronicles (Series), Dark Chronicles: Redemption (Series)

Damien Tomaselli

Transmedia Storyteller

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Motion books

Monster, Pepper & Carrot (Build), Labyrinth of Lacuna, Ruins of Gold, Children of Xaphan

Jonathan baker

Motion Book Artist

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Motion books

Monster Suit, Fossil Genome Navigation, String Theory Cinema

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