This is our first step into printed comics. Color Blind is a story about Ash, a struggling female artist who has lost a beloved family member and suffers from deep depression which affects her social life in a drastic way. She can't interact with people in a normal way and blames herself for her misery. Evertime she is confronted with her depression she is trapped in a dark alley in her mind.

Her family and friends experience her as irritable and withdrawn. They don't know about her inner pain. On a bad day she can't get up and stays in bed without any contact to her social environment.

To get over her depression she started creating art that shows her inner thoughts and feelings as part of a self-therapy. Unfortunately her artworks are dark, without any color and she never gets a chance to exhibit her pieces in any gallery. She gets rejected multiple times and almost looses hope.

She is tired of her friends trying to cheer her up and telling her how beatiful the world outside is, but she can't even see it anymore. She feels like she became colorblind.

The Graphic Novel Project will be funded through Kickstarter, so please support us.
The campaign will end on Mai 21st 2020.




One day I met a friend who has suffered from depression and for me in person it was an unpleasent confrontation. She was in pain and suffered deeply. I tried to cheer her up, tell her that the world awaits her and that she should focus on things that she used to love.

I was wrong. The last thing she wanted to hear was me advising her how to live her life. I was trying to support her but it wasn't the right choice. Instead I should have really listened to her, be there for her. I felt helpless that I couldn't help her because I did not know why.

Depression is a serious topic that a lot of people misunderstand and sometimes think that these people are lazy and should just get back on track and do something about it, but in fact they can't. This Graphic Novel should sensitize people about this topic.


Comics are so much more than just superheroes trying to save the world. We can teach through stories in an entertaining way and the reader often identifies with the characters, their actions and feelings, making them relatable to their audiences.

I love visual storytelling in any format and sometimes pictures can say more than a thousand words. A fitting theme for the story.


With Color Blind I want to explore the common theme of a depressed artist in a colorful way. Every chapter will have a different color scheme that transports the feelings of our protagonist. The colorblindness is a metaphor that shows the inner feeling of Ash. As an artists not seeing the right colors might be a serious problem, she can't see contrasts or the beauty of the world outside anymore.

The story explains how to interact with people that suffer from depression to prevent them to fall down that dark and endless seeming hole, that they might never leave.



Get two for one! Free digital copy (PDF) now included in every pledge (5 EUR+).This is my first Kickstarter campaign ever and I am overwhelmed by your support and your positive feedback so far, so I want to give you something back. Blinded by the Light is a Motion Comic that I did back in 2018. A story based on Plato's Cave Allegory with a modern twist and a different perspective. It was only published as an animated version via Madefire and you are the first ones ever to receive a digital copy in a more comic friendly layout.


Hi, my name is Bernd Höllen and I am an independent artist from Germany. I am working as a graphic designer specialized in print for almost 10 years now. In 2018 I graduated as an Intermedia Designer (B.A.) at Trier University of Applied Science and started to lecture an illustration class in 2019.

Since 2015 I am creating Motion Comics and have released multiple stories through the Madefire Motion Book App, but now it's time to go back to print.

As an indie artist sometimes it's hard to create your own projects especially in print. Now that the Covid-19 crisis hit almost every creative mind on this planet it's time for some changes. This project is my first attempt to get back on track and maybe you can be a part of this journey.


That's a legitimate question. The money will be needed to assure the production of the printed copies. I know how important a quality product is, especially in the comic business, so most of it will flow into production. But what about the remaining coins? I am an artist and I am used to get paid with exposure, but exposure will neither bring food on my table nor pay my rent. Due to the Covid-19 crisis I have lost a few jobs and now it's time to figure out how to move on. This money will help me to create more and more stories and I will reinvest it in future projects. I hope you will appreciate the hours that I will and already have spent in writing, drawing and layouting the book.

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